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I'm terribly sorry, people. That last link to TTalkback dead-ended. Drink related typo, methinks. Try this instead. TTalkback.

posted by Dan | 00:04


Christopher Priest. has joined the TTA Press message board TTalkback.

Michael Moorcock is there too.

Tune in to TTalkback and chat with two rather good writers.

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The Columbia disaster is what many will be talking about right now. Some will question the tears being expended on dead astronauts when death in larger numbers is likely in Iraq. Some will say worse, that Columbia exploding over Texas symbolises an imminent decline in the fortunes of the US.

Well. To these who may tune in here to read an anti-american rant sympathising with the above sentiments, I'm sorry to have to disappoint you. I may rage against US corporate and political imperialism, but that does not make me a gutless, whining middle class maggot. You know, the sort of person who complains about crap public services, but resents paying the taxes that provide these public services. The sort of person who takes for granted all the benefits provided by modern technology, but drives the gas guzzler to the recycling bank once a week to salve their guilt about environmental degradation.

There you go ranting again, McNeil. You must have a real chip on your shoulder...

My opinion on the Columbia disaster? Very tragic, very sad. The predictable speculation from drink-sozzled, brain damaged journos is best ignored for now. Concentrate instead on the sheer guts it must have taken to climb aboard that shuttle, let alone to fly the damn thing into space. Concentrate on that richly human and idealistic desire to go one step further for the betterment of the species.

This I hope is the epitaph of these brave people.

posted by Dan | 23:15

We Want A New Type Of War.

We want a new kind of war, the one where only the people vilified by our leaders are killed. You know it's "Saddam this" and "Saddam that" and Saddam must comply" blah blah blah. Well, if it's just Sadam, why are we planning to kill (and let's not mince words here, it's KILL) an awful lot of innocents as well, hmmm? C'mon, buy him off, then kill him, or pay half the amount the "war" will cost to his underlings to take him out instead.

It's not only these morons that supposedly represent us that neeed to evolve, war itself needs to evolve too.

We need a new friendlier more cuddly war, aimed at only these who deserve the consequences.

Vote today for a more caring war.

posted by Dan | 12:55

Old Capitalism Alive And Well.

A truly capitalistic nation would buy SadMan out. It'd be cheaper than the forthcoming war. Like "hey, SadMan, here's 1 billion dollars. Take it, then LEAVE."

Money gets spent, nobody dies. The US doesn't have to get in a tangle of hypocrisy about how it's trying to save ordinary Iraqis from their leader by bombing the crap out of them. It can use it's dollar power and be honest at the same time.

C'mon, buy the fucker off. We'd respect you more. You can always assassinate him later on, while he's sunning himself on his luxury island.

Pah! Call themselves capitalists? Bit more evolving to do, boys. Still savages at heart, that's the problem.

posted by Dan | 12:52
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