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Do you think Donald Rumsfeld may be in the early stages of Alzheimers Disease? He's older than Harold Wilson and Ronald Reagan when they started to go simple. Maybe this could explain his policy shift on why Iraq was invaded (er, we can't find any WMDs because he destroyed them instead of using them on us as we invaded - yeah, sounds plausible - but he was a REAL nasty guy) and the world was made a less safe place as a result. Oh - you think we're safer post Iraq Regime Change? Really? Check out the concrete blocks surrounding the Palace of Westminster (aka the UK Parliament), or carnage in Saudi Arabia, Casablanca etc. Hmmm. You stay glued to the soaps and pour French wine down the drain, we'll work the important things out.

posted by Dan | 22:50

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posted by Dan | 22:40

Well, it's true.

People are being hacked to pieces in the Congo. Unfortunately, due to there being nothing worth saving, er, I mean investing in, this situation is likely to continue for the foreseeable future. We may see a token force of brave "You're The Best" (composer T. Blair) soldiers sent over to pretend to be doing something useful for the UK tabloids, but lets not pretend this will be anything other than a PR stunt.

posted by Dan | 21:29
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