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So, Liberal Democrat MP Jenny Tonge has been sacked
for saying that she understands why people could be driven to mass killing by suicide.

The “Liberal Democrats” distanced themselves from the MP, with a spokesman saying: "Jenny Tonge was expressing her personal views. The Liberal Democrats do not condone terrorism, nor do we condone grown up human beings using their brains to come to the logical conclusion that years of repression inevitably leads to desperate people committing horrific acts. Jenny Tonge is quite nice, but she speaks common sense, so we don’t want to be associated with her.”

A malfunctioning speak your weight machine at the Israeli embassy spluttered: "We would not expect any human being - and surely not a British MP - to express an understanding of such atrocities." Absolutely. I mean, we wouldn’t want to try to understand why these things happen now, would we?

Labour robot Louise Ellman, MP, a member of the Holocaust educational trust, demanded in a Dalek voice that Tonge apologise for "giving-the-green-light-to-terrorism", and that if Tonge failed to grovel she would be “EXTERMINATED”.

posted by Dan | 23:32


And so McNeil sticks his head above the wall. Things are much the same as last time - crappy - and so, with an ironic wave, he ducks down into his head again for another couple of months.

posted by Dan | 21:09

Revenge is a dish best served cold, and the French are pretty accomplished cooks. So will they get their revenge on the Bush maladministration? Looks like they could be going after Dick Cheney.
Maybe this and the outburst from Paul O'Neill might blow a few holes in the rotton edifice that is the less than White House.

posted by Dan | 20:56
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