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The vastly creepy Dick Cheney might get dumped as Vice Presidential running mate by Bush, due to increasing doubts about his morals and honesty (what - you didn't think he had any in the first place?). The FBI are investigating who leaked the name of a CIA spy to the press, and the trail is leading to Cheney. He's also implicated in a corruption scandal involving his "ex-firm" Halliburton. I say "ex-firm" because Cheney still receives $150,000 per year from Halliburton. The Guardian
has the details.

posted by Dan | 16:41

Over at The Politics...

Peter Mandelson tells Labour MPs opposed to the Iraq war that they're harming Blair's re-election chances. Er, pot calling the kettle black, Peter?

Also, using the Alan Clark Manoeuvre to make the Iraq War boring.

posted by Dan | 13:54

My review of the Resistance battle in World War 2 occupied France is in the latest issue of Ink.
You can see it over at The Review.

posted by Dan | 13:27


Dan's thoughts on Hutton, Butler and trust over at The Comment.

posted by Dan | 14:11


DOG COUNTRY is now at The Fiction.

posted by Dan | 00:28


Two more McNeil stories - ARNOLFINI REACTION and APPETITE - are over at The Fiction.

posted by Dan | 16:17


magazine recently bought two book reviews from me. They must've liked what they read, because they've just commissioned another four reviews. Ink is a good read if you like books. I would say that, wouldn't I, I mean, they're going to pay me. But don't be so cynical. Cynical times have been banished, as Tony informed us when Alaistair left Number 10. We are now living in a new era of honesty and, I'm dreaming again. Listen - Ink really is a good magazine. Check it out.

posted by Dan | 21:52


Blair is cornered, so the big lie prepares to enter the massage parlour for some serious reshaping.

If you thought Hutton was dodgy, just wait for the inquiry on why we went to war against Iraq.

posted by Dan | 18:49

Hi Rose, hope you make sense of my gobbledegook.

posted by Dan | 18:35
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